resilient landscapes

What is

LandeRes, Resilient Landscapes, is  a not-for-profit registered Association whose mission is to bring the essential importance of ecosystem services to the forefront by fostering a transition in land development and management practices.

The Combination of

Nature & design

Landeres provides a support for the enhancement of environmental and social resilience at local scale, in terms of integrated approach in Landscape planning, design, construction and maintenance.


We represents an innovative partner for Professionals as well as for Public Administrations to support integrated policies aimed at extending urban sustainability and quality of Open Space, and implementing ecosystem services.

Science &


Our team is made up of junior and senior professionals, multidisciplinary in terms of background and attitudes, sharing their interest in landscape, ecology, environmental sustainability.

We Landeres share a mutual approach based on respect for lands and their natural-cultural heritages. Our team includes: Architects, Ecologists, Naturalists, Agronomists, Landscape Architects, educators, Engineers, who are members of the project as well.





Associazione di Promozione Sociale, iscritta al registro APS della Regione Emilia-Romagna